H’s little corner – To those moments that made me think outside the ‘frame’…

Welcome to H's little corner ^–^! 
There are moments in films that made me suddenly stop there and think in a way I had not imagined before. This blog is my making a toast to those moments by free writing my feelings and thoughts in the 'zone'. So spoiler alert! 
Well, I guess another important notice here would be that this is a very personal space filled with personal thoughts. So please be aware and respect that they might be overreading or even nonsense to you. Honestly, I have never been that comfortable with putting my own (immature) thinking into words and posting them online, probably because I am afraid that I would feel part of me being rejected, if they were not good enough or could not even make sense to anyone else. But I guess that is the exact reason why I need to do this. I have to know and embrace every bit of my own self as well as its imperfectness first, with no judgement, no comparison, and no worries about how that might seem to others. 
I would play the song 'Runaway' by Kanye West here if I could. This is the song in my head every time I am thinking 'screw it! I'm just gonna do it'. I’d hope you would feel inspired, encouraged, and set free as I would. Or maybe not. You would probably have your own 'screw-it' song. Anyway, you got the point. 
If you are okay with and ready for my own personal thoughts, let's make a toast together, shall we?
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